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the chinese economy and military grow and has promised to take a tough stance with china on trade and other economic matters. the obama administration has also closely monitored china's disputes with japan and southeast asian nations over the islands in the east and south china seas. senior officials have refused to take sides. the president announced a year ago he will shift his country's focus to the asia-pacific region. he will have a chance to talk more about that plan over the weekend. obama will begin a four-day tour of southeast asia on saturday. he will be visiting thailand and myanmar and will attend the east asia summit in cambodia. the president promised during his re-election campaign to put more pressure on china to make it meet basic international standards with respect to trade. but analysts say despite his plans the world's top economies are tightly woven together and that interactions will continue. >>> the south korean government welcomed china's new leadership. >> translator: we hope our relationship with china will develop farther and as a new leadership. >> the media ga
16. >> translator: the economy and energy will be part of the focus of the election. our party will make a manifesto and convey our position to voters. i will explain it to the people after i dissolve the lower house on friday. >> the leadup to the decision played out on wednesday. the prime minister said he was ready to dissolve the lower house if the ldp committed to reducing the number of seats in the house by 234ex year. officials campaigning for the general elections starts on may 4. >> translator: lawmakers don't really care, but the people, the prime minister changes like a resolving door. it's better to give the younger generation a chance another leadership. >> prompted the prime minister to act? making te i . >> there's a big disparity in -- he had fwho executions left. but it took some time >> the lead-up to the decision played out in the diet. abe pointed out the prime minister promised in august to call a general election soon if the diet passed bills related to social security and tax reform. abe said the ldp kept its part of the deal and helped the bills become l
president hu's ten years at the top. it was the world's sixth largest economy. and now it's the second largest. and yet, while this nation's ranks of billionaires and millionaires have ballooned, millions still live on about a dollar a day. we asked nhk world's itch taca yamaka to take a look at president hu's accomplishments and the challenges facing the next generation. >> reporter: china has faced many domestic and diplomatic challenges over the past decade under president hu jintao's leadership. >> reporter: hu promoted what he called the concept of scientific development. the policy aims to create a harmon society, even if the process required slower growth. the hu administration abolished a two-year-old tax farmers had to pay based on the size of harvests. it was part of the president's effort to narrow the economic gap between urban and rural areas. hu also worked toward a sweeping consolidation of coal mines and chemical plants, which resulted in a reduction in pollution. but the president hasn't been able to control china's income disparity or corruption among its bureaucrats,
to show that the country's economy has started getting traction again. china's national bureau of statistics says industrial output climbed over 9% last month from a year earlier. it was the second straight month of gains. the pace of growth was 0.4% faster than in september. meanwhile, retail sales were up more than 14%. the increase was 0.3% more than in the previous month. earlier in the day, china announced that the consumer price index, or cpi, rose 1.7% from a year earlier. that's the slowest pace since january 2010. officials say the small increase is due to moderate gains and food prices. the latest data come out one day after people's bank of china governor noted that some recent economic data were starting to show signs of recovery. he hinted that the central bank would not take extra monetary easing measures, at least for now. >>> senior officials from japan and north korea have agreed to sit down to gather next week in mongolia's capital, ulan bator. dialogue between tokyo and pyongyang resumed in beijing in august for the first time in four years. japan will be rep
's hu jintao has overseen an economy that's expanded year after year during his ten years as president. but many rural chinese have missed out. they've watched their neighbors get wealthier and wealthier. that's left many seething with resentment. and some are trying to find solace in their faith. nhk world's michitaka yamaka explains. >> reporter: about 300 people live in this village on the yellow river in gansu province. more than two-thirds of the residents work the ground. that includes this man. he lives with his wife. their life is close so self-sufficient. they make less than $100 a year farming. they also receive money from their son. he's a migrant worker 350 kilometers away. but despite the extra money, their annual income is only $500, 1/20th of the average income of beijing workers. he suffers from a heart condition. he makes regular visits to the village clinic. but he says if he were ever to need an operation, it would be impossible. the health insurance from the local government does not cover the cost. the clinic is short of equipment. there isn't enough medicine. and
strict surveillance. as the world's second biggest economy, china's international influence is continuing to grow, but there has been no change in the way it treats citizens who speak out. makoto oda, nhk world, beijing. >>> cradle of culture. economic powerhouse. many enjoy the fruits of pros r prosperi prosperity along the path to a new china. but millions are missing out. at a time of growing public discontent, members of the communist party are choosing their new leaders. "newsline" correspondents are reporting from the party's national congress. don't miss our special coverage, "china: the next generation," 8:00 p.m. japan time here on "newsline." >>> two south korean presidential candidate who is joined forces for next month's election are now thrashing out which one will stand. unaffiliated politician ahn cheol-soo and moon jae-in of the democratic united party struck a deal last week that they won't stand against each other. south koreans have shown in polls that a joint candidate would match the support rate of front-runner park geun-hye from the ruling saenuri party. members of
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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